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  • Top Richest K-Pop Idols of 2019



    This is the list of top 10 richest k-pop idols of 2019.

    Let's have a look!

    This ranking is the result of some researches I've personally made. It takes into account not only the earnings from the idol activity but also from CFs and obviously from family belongings. So let's get started.

    At the 10th position, there's Taeyeon from Girls Generation.

    It is reported that she has earned more than 22 billion Korean won which are equivalent to 19 million dollars from 2007 to 2014 with Sonyeoshide.

    Moreover, her personal incomes are also from CFS and varieties. She owns the copyright of her solo songs such as "I", "Why", "Rain" and many more. She bought a luxury apartment to her parents in Jeon-Ju and she owns a Mercedes SLK55 and a Porsche 911.

    At the 9th position, there's Suzy of Miss A a JYP's girl group

    ...and for this reason, she has a better financial ratio than SM. But more than the Miss A activity, she earned (money) from acting in dramas and shooting CFs. She has a big house in Samseongdong which is reported to cost around 3 million dollars.

    Number 8 is T.O.P. of Bigbang

    According to YG's statement, Bigbang earned 44 million dollars only in 2016. He's king of CFs and he's well known for his acting skills in films. In 2010 he bought a villa in the UN village which costs about 2 million dollars. during a variety show called "Radio Star" he stated that he spends 95% of his earnings to buy artworks in auctions. The total value of the artworks he owns is considered to be around 15 million dollars.

    At the 7th position, there's IU.

    According to LOEN Entertainment in 10 years of activity from her debut in 2008, she earned around 50 billion Korean won, which are equivalent of 44 million dollars. Considering that LOEN Entertainment is a small company, she could have taken about 90% of her earnings. She is a famous actress and her shooted tons of commercials. Times ago she bought a Porsche Cayenne even though she didn't have a driving license. The number of songs she owns is huge, it's second only to G-Dragon. She makes around 1 million dollars every year from streaming sites.

    Number 6 is Taeyang from Bigbang.

    He is reported to own about $300,000 of YG shares and more than $1.1 million of Samsung shares. He has a house in Mesanapolis which costs around 1.5 million dollars. During a variety show, he showed his new house bought in 2014 which is a luxury villa in the UN village and it costs about 4 million dollars. Moreover, he owns a seven floors building in Hannamdong which costs about 6.8 million dollars. He seems to have additional earnings from other Bigbang members thanks to his solo songs such as "Look at me", "Ringa Linga", "Eyes, Nose Lips" and many more.

    Number 5 is Tzuyu from Twice.

    The Taiwanese member of the famous JYP girl group. She was rich even before becoming a member of Twice thanks to her family. In fact, Tzuyu made a lot of money from her debut in 2015, also shooting commercials, but a big portion of her belongings is from her family. Her father is a famous businessman while her mother is the shareholder of 3 surgery hospitals in Taiwan and she owns 2 cafes in the capital.

    Number 4 is Rain.

    The first singer to bring k-pop to America and a famous actor who also appeared in Hollywood movies. He owns a villa in Samseongdong which value is about 6.5 million dollars, a building in Dosan road of about 22 million dollars and a private villa in Cheongnamdong of about 6.3 million dollars. If we add the buildings of his wife Kim Taehee, the total value of Rain's family's buildings is about 45 million dollars.

    Number 3 is G-Dragon of Bigbang.

    He owns the copyright of half of the Bigbang songs because a lot of them were written and composed by him. He makes 1.1 million dollars each year from these songs. He also has solo songs such as "Crooked", "Untitled", "Heartbreaker" and many more. His credit card is the famous Black Card, which is given only to 0,001% of Koreans. He owns a lot of buildings including the one in cheongnamdong which costs around 8 million dollars, some apartments, a pension in Pocheon and a cafe in Jeju island. He has a lot of cars, including a Bentley and a Lamborgini Aventador. His total net-worth is presumed to exceed 50 million dollars.

    At the 2nd position, there's Seungri of Bigbang.

    He has a lot of incomes as a member of Bigbang but it's just a small portion of his profits. In fact, he's a huge businessman. He owns a VIP luxury private bar and a night club called "Burning Sun" in Seoul. He's the owner of 8 million dollars land in Busan, he owns a cafe called "And Here" and he's a shareholder of a cosmetic company. In addition, he's CEO of the company "YG-X" and lasts but not least he's CEO of a restaurant chain named "Aori Ramen" which involves 45 restaurants in 6 countries.

    Finally, in the 1st position, there's Choi Siwon.

    He is a member of Super Junior but also an actor. He was rich even before his debut thanks to his family. In fact, his mother owns a famous underwear company while his father is a very rich businessman in Korea. In a variety show in 2012, some Super Junior members stated that his father could even buy SM Entertainment with a loan. Siwon owns 2 buildings in Apkujeong and a lot of luxury cars.

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  • 4 New age genres of music that you have to listen

    Did you listen to chalga or pop opera?

    Yes. Those music genres could cover modern pop music. They have already reached millions of followers, likes, and videos. 

    Bulgarian Chalga comes with hard sound

    Bulgaria, one of the Balkanic countries, started producing 'pop-folk' songs around 1995. This genre has been rejected by thousands of critics but nowadays keeps going to be most watched on YouTube. The largest brand selling 'chalga' music is PlanetaTV. Since 1994, they already created golden albums and still do it. Decent stars record their productions and take a big pie from the music market in Bulgaria. In fact, 'pop-folk' genre recorded covers to popular songs from Serbia, Turkey, Romania, and Greece, especially in the first 10 years, up top 2008 year. The new era after that came with new authors from Bulgaria and Macedonia. 

    If you are curious about singers performing 'chalga', you can check out Preslava, Azis, Galena, Ivana, Kamelia, Gloria, Desi Slava, Toni Storaro, Sofi Marinova, or Anelia.  

    Two Bulgarian singers took world popularity although they sing in their local language. Azis, who is Bulgarian gypsy and drag queen, has been famous with the song "San Tropez", which has been covered unnumerous times. After it, he switched to a typical male style of clothing and serious social topics in the lyrics. Andrea, who was apart of the Romanian-Bulgarian duo Sahara, also takes a world glory.

    Pop opera is a modern genre everywhere

    Combining pop with opera was the new wave of modern music from Italy. Perhaps, you are familiar that the opera comes from Italia. But how to grow this genre when rap and pop genres are more interesting to the new generation of people? That's why Italy gathers young talents in musical groups, performing not only opera but pop music as well. Il Volo is the most successful vocal group in recent years. They finished 2nd at Eurovision Song Contest 2016, gaining the vote of the public.

    Another pop-opera could be seen everywhere. Croatian-Slovenian duo 2Cellos receives 4 million followers on YouTube and stages their plays all over the world. 


    Romanian Manele still exists

    Although the Romanian manele does not shine so much anymore, is still there. It is a mixture of Turkish, Greek, Arabic, Bulgarian and Serbian elements, generally using modern (electronic) instruments and beats, typical for Romanian gypsies. We could compare the manele with Bulgarian 'chalga', but it is more specific as sound. In Romania, 'manele' is the second popular genre after pop music. It was announced in 1984. 

    Florin Salam is the most famous manele performer. His voice is recognizable in all Balkanic countries. Other singers that belong to the genre are Adrian Minune, Nicolae Guta, and Costi. Costi is a producer of pop and ethnic music. His songs have been sung by Bulgarian, Serbian, Greek, Turkish artists. Also, Costi started his own career at the ending of 90s.


    Brazilian Kondzilla 

     This genre is so fresh. It appears in 2011 as a music channel on YouTube. The owner and producer, Konrad Cunha Dantas, known professionally as Kondzilla, directed over 900 music videos. All of them are uploaded on the biggest music channel in Brazil - Kondzilla. The vibe is typical for the Portuguese market. Most performers are rappers, without too much autotune. 

    In 2019, most watched Kondzilla video has reached 1 billion views. It is "Bum Bum Tam Tam" by MC Fioti.



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  • Facts about Lil Tecca You Didn't Know


    Charts Sensation

    Queens MC Lil Tecca has gone from local rapper to online sensation with a placement on the Hot 100 all in a matter of months, and his sudden rise has been pretty impressive.


    I don’t care what no one thinks anymore I’m just gonna do me now. If people like it, they like it. If they don’t, they don’t. I like it.


    But before Lil Tecca was rising up the charts, he dipped his toe into the rap game around the age of 9.

     I started rapping ‘cause of XBOX. One of my first friends on XBOX, we were just chilling and we used to always roast each other, so I was like Nah, I'm gonna make a song on you. My first song was a diss track to my friend.


     The song has since been deleted, but it sparked Tecca’s early interest in music, along with musical influences like Chief Keef and the melodies of the late Speaker Knockerz, who Genius covered earlier this year.

     In late 2017, Tecca and a friend released “No More” on SoundCloud, which helped usher in his online presence.

     As his music picked up steam over the course of 2018, he got involved in some online beef with Toronto rapper LB after a Canadian music page accused Tecca of lifting the rapper’s flow. But Tecca saw the dispute as an opportunity.

     He DMs me like you're getting exposed tonight I’m like bet let’s get some clout. He posts me on the page he plays LB’s song when he plays my song. I’m like bet it’s perfect, I start going crazy. I post a preview on my page, I go live, I start @ing niggas, I’m like these niggas all sound the same so imma just try to sound like them. They have these really funny accents. So I use the accent and they all get mad. It's funny. They just are going crazy.


    Million Views for his songs

    The beef only helped him get bigger. And as his follower count grew, so did his discography, with tracks like “Love Me” consistently breaking a million views on YouTube.  In January 2019 he dropped his standout track “Did It Again,” which was one of his first songs to really blow up. 

     After the music video for “Did It Again” dropped in March, views on the Genius song page tripled as the video garnered millions of views.

     Songs like “Molly Girl” also kept Tecca’s popularity on the rise, but in May, fresh off the heels of his viral releases, Tecca collaborated with Cole Bennett of Lyrical Lemonade to release a music video for “Ransom” set in the Dominican Republic.


      I heard the beat, I was like yeah that’s it. I heard the beat drop I was like yeah this is in a whole different universe.



     The video was a hit almost immediately, with over 20 million views on YouTube to date.

      Usually I don’t pick the name of the song ‘til after the song so I kept listening to it what should I name it, what should I name it. Then I heard me say “Ransom” and I was just like “Ransom.”


     In mid-June, “Ransom” jumped onto the Billboard Hot 100 chart, giving Tecca his very first Hot 100 hit at only 16 years old.

     While Tecca’s popularity continues to grow, he’s still managed to balance his life as a teenager with a budding rap career and plans to keep riding this wave.

      I been in the studio for nine months. INTERVIEWER: Nine months straight? Yeah. ‘Cause I know what good music sounds like. So I just go to the studio and try to make it.



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  • Taylor Swift’s Newest Single Explained



    Taylor Swift has some words for the haters, her fans and herself on her new single, “You Need To Calm Down.”

    Taylor Swift  revealed her seventh studio album

    Production credits include Joel Little and Taylor herself, and the song was announced shortly after she revealed her seventh studio album, ‘Lover’ would be dropping in late August.

    On “You Need To Calm Down” Taylor hops on a rather pleasant sounding melody to address the more hateful people of the world and her own life lessons. 

      I’ve observed a lot of different people in our society who put so much energy and effort into negativity and it made me feel like, you need to just calm down, you’re stressing yourself out. And there’s more to the song than just a catchy chorus.


    Taylor might be alluding to her beef with Kanye West and his wife Kim Kashadian-West following the “Famous” incident a few years back when Taylor said she did not clear her name in West’s song where he alludes to possibly having sex with her, but Kim dropped a video of her doing exactly that. 

    Elsewhere, Taylor’s verses on the song are just in time for Pride Month, as she sings about the LGBTQ community while namedropping the organization GLAAD, the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Discrimination.  In honor of Pride Month, Taylor started a petition to urge the U.S. Senate to support the Equality Act, which would protect people against discrimination based on their sexual orientation or gender identity. Taylor’s been encouraging her fans to sign the petition online, explaining quote:


    Back on the track, she doubles down on this message of tolerance by mentioning those who protest the Gay Pride parade, and she’s incorporated the rainbow Pride colors in her own recent performances. Then she borrows from black queer ballroom culture by using the term “shade.” 

    Shade comes from reading. Reading came first. Then reading became a shade. The shade is I don't tell you-you're ugly, but I don't have to tell you because you know you're ugly. 

     Taylor also takes aim at online trolls, calling out the toxic culture of comparing female celebrities online, while recognizing there's room at the top for everyone. “You Need To Calm Down” jumped to the top of the Popnable song chart only hours after its release, as her fans eagerly wait to see what’s next from Taylor. And based on a cryptic tweet, there could be something “delicious” very soon. 


    If you wanna learn more about “You Need To Calm Down,” check out the song page on 


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