4 New age genres of music that you have to listen

Did you listen to chalga or pop opera?

Yes. Those music genres could cover modern pop music. They have already reached millions of followers, likes, and videos. 

Bulgarian Chalga comes with hard sound

Bulgaria, one of the Balkanic countries, started producing 'pop-folk' songs around 1995. This genre has been rejected by thousands of critics but nowadays keeps going to be most watched on YouTube. The largest brand selling 'chalga' music is PlanetaTV. Since 1994, they already created golden albums and still do it. Decent stars record their productions and take a big pie from the music market in Bulgaria. In fact, 'pop-folk' genre recorded covers to popular songs from Serbia, Turkey, Romania, and Greece, especially in the first 10 years, up top 2008 year. The new era after that came with new authors from Bulgaria and Macedonia. 

If you are curious about singers performing 'chalga', you can check out Preslava, Azis, Galena, Ivana, Kamelia, Gloria, Desi Slava, Toni Storaro, Sofi Marinova, or Anelia.  

Two Bulgarian singers took world popularity although they sing in their local language. Azis, who is Bulgarian gypsy and drag queen, has been famous with the song "San Tropez", which has been covered unnumerous times. After it, he switched to a typical male style of clothing and serious social topics in the lyrics. Andrea, who was apart of the Romanian-Bulgarian duo Sahara, also takes a world glory.

Pop opera is a modern genre everywhere

Combining pop with opera was the new wave of modern music from Italy. Perhaps, you are familiar that the opera comes from Italia. But how to grow this genre when rap and pop genres are more interesting to the new generation of people? That's why Italy gathers young talents in musical groups, performing not only opera but pop music as well. Il Volo is the most successful vocal group in recent years. They finished 2nd at Eurovision Song Contest 2016, gaining the vote of the public.

Another pop-opera could be seen everywhere. Croatian-Slovenian duo 2Cellos receives 4 million followers on YouTube and stages their plays all over the world. 


Romanian Manele still exists

Although the Romanian manele does not shine so much anymore, is still there. It is a mixture of Turkish, Greek, Arabic, Bulgarian and Serbian elements, generally using modern (electronic) instruments and beats, typical for Romanian gypsies. We could compare the manele with Bulgarian 'chalga', but it is more specific as sound. In Romania, 'manele' is the second popular genre after pop music. It was announced in 1984. 

Florin Salam is the most famous manele performer. His voice is recognizable in all Balkanic countries. Other singers that belong to the genre are Adrian Minune, Nicolae Guta, and Costi. Costi is a producer of pop and ethnic music. His songs have been sung by Bulgarian, Serbian, Greek, Turkish artists. Also, Costi started his own career at the ending of 90s.


Brazilian Kondzilla 

 This genre is so fresh. It appears in 2011 as a music channel on YouTube. The owner and producer, Konrad Cunha Dantas, known professionally as Kondzilla, directed over 900 music videos. All of them are uploaded on the biggest music channel in Brazil - Kondzilla. The vibe is typical for the Portuguese market. Most performers are rappers, without too much autotune. 

In 2019, most watched Kondzilla video has reached 1 billion views. It is "Bum Bum Tam Tam" by MC Fioti.



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